Updating our strategy

Updating our strategy

Our current strategy at the LEF runs from 2020-2025, so we are in the process of developing our new strategy for 2025-2030. This strategy, which we’ll announce in summer 2025, will maintain our current direction of travel and build on the successful work that we are currently supporting our grant partners with. We will also draw on lessons that we have learned from our current strategy and the challenging operating environment. We will continue to run the Justice First Fellowship and to host the Justice Together Initiative.


In 2024, our Spring and Autumn grant rounds are taking place as usual under our Stronger Sector and Fairer Systems funding programmes. Deadlines for applications can be found here. Please do make sure to check our guidelines for any updates before submitting any application. Our current guidelines will continue to apply as will our other priorities (listed here), such as ensuring that people with lived experience are at the heart of leadership and strategy.

In 2025, our Spring grant round will be open for renewals for current partners only, but closed to all other applications as we prepare to announce our new strategy. Our Autumn 2025 grant round will then be open to everyone for new applications under our new strategy.

Although our new strategy won’t be announced until summer 2025, we want to make sure that this period of strategic review causes as little uncertainty as possible for our grant partners. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the LEF staff member who is managing your grant if you are a current grant partner, or contact us via our website.



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