JFF Offers Unique Opportunities to 19 Aspiring Lawyers in the Social Justice Sector

JFF Offers Unique Opportunities to 19 Aspiring Lawyers in the Social Justice Sector

Call for applications aims to reach aspiring lawyers passionate about pursuing a career using law as a tool for social justice.

The Legal Education Foundation’s Justice First Fellowship is offering 19 trainee solicitor posts at leading social justice organisations across the United Kingdom. .The recruitment round for the Justice First Fellowship will run from Monday 16th August to Monday 13th of September 2021.

Opportunities afforded by the Justice First Fellowship include the following:

  • Entry into a career in social justice law and the rare chance to complete a training contract in this sector.
  • Availability of Fellowships across the UK in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England.
  • Responsibility for taking on case work early in your training contract, working on cases from start to finish.
  • Development of advocacy, project management, fundraising and communication skills necessary to be an excellent social justice lawyer.
  • Delivered 1000s of hours of vital casework and built relationships with 1000s of clients, securing often life-changing outcomes for them.
  • Developed expertise across many areas of social justice law, including Immigration, Housing, Welfare Benefits, Human Rights, Public Law and Family Law.
  • Worked on strategic cases in the UK Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, European Court of Human Rights and high-profile judicial reviews.
  • Collaborated on new initiatives to support careers in social justice law.
  • Seen their work featured across the mainstream and legal media.

Applicants apply to one host organisation per year. A strong candidate will demonstrate the following qualities:

  • An evidenced interest in social justice, human rights, social welfare, asylum and immigration, civil liberties, family law, or public and administrative law.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to be diplomatic, compassionate, and empathetic.
  • Willingness to take opportunities to build the skills and networks for a long career using the law as a tool for social justice.

Fellows can apply via the portal on the website, by completing the application form. APPLY NOW.

 The Legal Education Foundation CEO, Matthew Smerdon said the following on potential candidates:

 “The Justice First Fellowship provides a secure and sustainable route to employment for aspiring social justice lawyers, who are motivated to build a career in this vital area of the legal sector. At TLEF, we place emphasis on finding Fellows with a genuine passion for their work, who can demonstrate their potential in the application process, rather than reams of legal experience.

 We care about why you want to become a social justice lawyer and your ideas for how you can contribute to the sector, instead of your educational background or work experience. If you have the passion and interest to work in the social justice sector, then we want to hear from you and welcome your application for the Fellowship!”

The Legal Education Foundation:

The Legal Education Foundation is a grant-making foundation using legal education to build a society that fosters the principles of justice and fairness. Aside from the Fellowship, there are three key workstreams at The Legal Education Foundation: Stronger Sector, Fairer Systems and Smarter Justice. Information about each of these workstreams is available here, here and here, respectively.



If you have any questions about the application process, or more generally about the Justice First Fellowship, please contact enquiries@thelef.org



Harry Barber (07977 698175): harry.barber@drdpartnership.com




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