National Centre for Citizenship and the Law has LEF funding

National Centre for Citizenship and the Law has LEF funding

National Centre for Citizenship and the Law

LEF Funding

Funding from LEF will allow NCCL to develop Public Legal Education Syndicates (PLES) work in Manchester. The funding will allow 750 pupils to participate in Courtroom Workshops and Mock Trials in courtrooms in Manchester.

About NCCL

The Egalitarian Trust was formed with the belief that society has an obligation to use its public buildings as a platform to educate.

The trust began its life in 1995 managing the Galleries of Justice Museum at the old Shire Hall in Nottingham and out of this in 2003 emerged the National Centre for Citizenship and the Law (NCCL). In 2012 the trust has two divisions; Visitor Attractions, (with the Galleries of Justice Museum and the City of Caves) and an education provider, the NCCL.

Having developed a successful model in Nottingham in 2010 the NCCL delivered a pilot programme of court based learning at the Royal Courts of Justice and the UK Supreme Court. The following year we year we were commissioned by Northamptonshire County Council to manage a pilot programme at the Sessions House in Northampton.

Vision Statement for NCCL

To inspire young people with an understanding of the law and the justice system by the re-enactment of court cases within historic legal buildings involving judges and leading professionals.

Main Objective of NCCL

NCCL are aiming to establish Public Legal Education Syndicates (PLES) across the country, these will consist of clusters of legal heritage sites from which the NCCL will deliver court based learning activities.

Purpose of NCCL

To provide access for the public to heritage sites of national interest, where they can be inspired by the knowledge that to achieve a fair society, all people must be equal before the law.

Currently the NCCL have formed a London PLES at the Royal Courts of Justice and the UK Supreme Court and the Rolls Building; and a Midlands PLES with the Galleries of Justice Museum and the Northampton Sessions House. Future PLES are being sought in the North and South West of England.

PLES will offer young people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to learn about the justice system, how to live within the law as responsible, active citizens and provide access to careers within the Justice System. This will be achieved through facilitated sessions in courtrooms and interactive guided tours of the legal heritage sites.

Use of the LEF grant:

Evaluation gathered as part of the project will evidence that children and young people have:

  • increased their knowledge and understanding of civil and criminal law, therefore reducing the risk of dispute and crime.
  • increased their knowledge an understanding of professions relating to the justice system and provide them with information on how to pursue a related career

The objectives of the project will be to:

  • engage Legal professionals with young people to transfer knowledge and experience
  • educate young people from areas of socio-economic hardship, on the potential to choose a career in the Legal profession
  • involve young people in a debate about different aspects of the Justice system to increase their legal literacy and  record their opinions on how the law affects their lives
  • reduce offending and disputes with young people by showing them the consequences of the actions once they enter the Justice system

For more information contact:  Tim Desmond, CEO or Pollie Shorthouse, Head of Learning
Tel: 0115 952 0555

NCCL, Shire Hall, High Pavement, The Lace Market, Nottingham. NG1 1HN

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