Our autumn 2023 grants decisions

Our autumn 2023 grants decisions

Our latest grants decisions were made in December 2023. 17 grants were awarded to organisations working on a range of social justice issues. We are looking forward to working with them all in the coming months.


Introducing our autumn round 2023 grant partners

  • The Centre for Progressive Change received funding to employ a Senior Campaign Organiser for their Safe Sick Pay campaign. This is their first grant from LEF.
  • The Constitution Unit, who will promote good constitutional standards in the new parliament post-2024.
  • Child Poverty Action Group received funding for their work strengthening their base of evidence about the experiences of social security claimants, and strengthening the sector with early legal challenges.
  • Communities Empowerment Network received their first grant from LEF, funding core costs for their advocacy work upholding the rights of disadvantaged children facing school exclusion.
  • Femicide Census received funding for their work gathering and using data on women killed by men to improve prevention, investigation, prosecution and protection, particularly by identifying additional legal remedies or steps and working with law and policy makers to improve responses.
  • Inquest received funding for their expert work on state related deaths, including specialist casework advice provision, legal training and ensuring the voice and experience of those bereaved contribute to investigative, statutory and coronial policy change.
  • Just Fair received core funding for their work improving the transparency, accountability and protection of economic, social and cultural rights across the UK.
  • Living Rent are a new grant partner for LEF. They’ve been awarded funding for their project supporting tenants to know their rights and campaign for better ones.
  • London Legal Support Trust received continuation funding for their Billing Coordinator Project – funding staff roles in legal advice charities and developing an apprenticeship for Legal Aid Billing to help address recruitment issues in the sector.
  • Maternity Action have been funded for their project challenging the lack of procedural fairness in the administration of the NHS visitor and migrant cost recovery programme.
  • Participation and the Practice of Rights are another new grant partner for LEF. They received funding for their work community organising for human rights and holding public authorities to account.
  • Public Law Project are specialist lawyers, researchers, trainers, and policy experts. Their work in England and Wales improves public decision-making, empowers people to understand and apply the law, and increases access to justice. LEF made a core grant.
  • Refugees for Justice (now part of Citizens UK ) received funding to employ a solicitor to work with them on housing issues related to migrants and asylum seekers.
  • Scottish Women’s Aid, for their project modelling domestic abuse legal services for rural and island communities.
  • Suffolk Law Centre were awarded core funding to continue to support them to sustain and grow their services.
  • Z2K are also receiving their first grant from LEF: core funding for their work tackling poverty through access to justice, campaigning and the influence of experts by experience.


The Legal Education Foundation is committed to IVAR’s ‘Open and Trusting’ initiative, which means that along with other funders we’ve signed up to eight commitments, including being open.

Being open includes being transparent about our funding decisions. You’ll find all our grants published on the 360 Giving website.

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