Full Fact

Full Fact

Grant: £150,000
August 8, 2014

Full Fact is an independent fact checking organisation which provides free tools, information and advice so that anyone can check the claims we hear; from politicians to the media. Full Fact Legal proposes to serve the public by promoting active checking of “legal claims” and helping to stop unsubstantiated legal claims being made and spread (ie, statements or the use of statistics and other data about the law).

This project involves developing networks and reputation in the legal field, making new connections as well as turning existing support and contacts into practical working relationships. As well as focussing on several key issues, it will monitoring the blogosphere and provide a special focus group during the election period. During years 2 and 3, the project will broaden both the output and the support base, with the aim of being able to respond more quickly and therefore more decisively on a wider range of topics, for example, the potential public debate on the renewal of the Human Rights Act. These topics will depend on the review of year 1 activities.

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