British Institute of Human Rights

British Institute of Human Rights

Grant: £26,000
August 8, 2014

For over 40 years the British Institute of Human Rights, a UK-wide independent human rights charity, has worked to bring human rights to life in the UK. Understanding how universal human rights work, and how they can be applied to everyday interactions with public services (such as health, social services and education) can and does make a real difference, especially to those individuals and groups whose voice is seldom heard. Its education, research and advocacy work supports people and organisations to realise the potential of human rights to empower people and to transform organisations.

The Foundation funds will be used to create a new digital platform to engage, educate and empower the public on their legally protected human rights in everyday life:

  • the role these laws play in our constitutional arrangements; and
  • how the law works in everyday situations outside the courtrooms to help improve people‚Äôs lives and interactions with the state/public officials.

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