Fair Trials International

Fair Trials International

Grant: £20,000
November 26, 2014

This grant will fund three courses covering recent developments in law relating to human rights in criminal proceedings:

  • Pre-trial detention: The excessive use of pre-trial detention, including the United Kingdom, is becoming a growing area of concern. This e-training will highlight the important role lawyers can play in the decision-making process on pre-trial detention. It will provide an overview of international standards and show how this can be used in practice in day-to-day cases.
  • Access to a lawyer: The etraining will provide an overview of the Access to a Lawyer Directive and practical guidance for lawyers on how to make effective use of this new legislation in their day-to-day practice.
  • Human rights and cross-border cases: This course will focus on the European Arrest Warrant, providing practical guidance for lawyers on how to develop and evidence human rights arguments in cross-border cases.

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