University of Ulster

University of Ulster

Grant: £27,000
November 26, 2014

The University’s Ulster Law Clinic will undertake a research project to better understand:

  • the role of university law clinics in UK justice provision and
  • how effective they are at reducing barriers to participative justice.

The report will:

  • Map the paths to justice for citizens accessing university law clinics in the UK
  • Identify the stages in their disputes at which clients contact university law clinics
  • Identify the contribution that clinics make to existing access to justice provision
  • Make policy recommendations relevant to the development of the clinic movement as part of an access to justice landscape
  • Underpin conference presentations and peer-reviewed publications
  • Be distributed to clinics and their stakeholders throughout the UK.
  • Establish a foundational framework to develop further research on the utility of university law clinics as access to justice models that can be utilised and developed by others, including the Legal Education Foundation

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