Lawyers in Charities

Lawyers in Charities

Grant: £40,000
November 10, 2015

The project is to develop and improve the LinC website as a digital resource for the existing group of charities so that subject experts can share practical guidance and information on key areas of law that are relevant to charities. A Professional Support Lawyer will:

  • managing the creation of a well-organised and well-structured website;
  • update and transfer relevant documents from an existing repository to the new website;
  • create new guidance and templates with the help of members;
  • organise, group and create metadata for all items to facilitate searchability;
  • conduct a feasibility study on sustainable financing options.

The Project will create a unique legal resource providing relevant and risk-based guidance on key areas of the law, as well as template policies and documents relating to governance and charity management, to non-specialist or generalist lawyers working in a wide range of charities.

A feasibility study into potential sources of future funding for the website e.g. the charging of a membership fee based on the improvement and enhanced value of the website to members will be undertaken.

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