Coram Children’s Legal Centre

Coram Children’s Legal Centre

Grant: £120,000
November 10, 2015

This project will develop new, innovative training and capacity-building interventions aimed at professionals, carers and young people to further our objective of improving the implementation of children and young people’s rights in practice.

This proposal builds upon an existing training programme, which seeks to build capacity amongst non-legal professionals e.g. social workers. To enhance this practice-improvement work, Coram are seeking to develop complementary legal education interventions for additional beneficiaries:

  • to promote best practice amongst lawyers working with children;
  • to develop children and young people’s (and their carers’) understanding of their legal rights;
  • to train young people as legal education providers; and
  • to maximise the use of online resources to scale up our impact and reach the greatest number of beneficiaries.

By supporting professionals who are at the coalface of implementing children’s rights Coram are ensuring a comprehensive approach to improving the experiences of a group of children amongst those most at risk of breaches of their legal rights.

Through this project Coram aim to directly train and support 510 professionals and young people, and provide resources and remote training to over 3000 per year.

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