Grant: £20,000
November 10, 2015

Advancing the JUSTICE Student Network (JSN) will build upon the initial success of developing the JUSTICE Student Human Rights Network microsite and increased engagement with the student community. While much of initial objectives of the project (supported by the LEF) have been achieved there is still much to develop.

This project is multi-faceted in its objectives, intending to equip students with a practical understanding of how lawyers can work to strengthen the justice system and the rights of individuals within it. It is also designed to encourage contact between students and practitioners. This experience cannot be obtained from normal academic or vocational programmes. By drawing upon our unique history, experience and membership, a comprehensive JSN website will make a valuable contribution to legal education.

The site will contain a selection of unique resources designed to support academic legal education and to encourage interest in public interest law. Additionally, a key aspect of this project is the hiring of a JSN Fellow to carry out the work. The fellow will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the JSN, organising events, liaising with students and practitioners and coordinating the new ‘A Day in the Life of Justice’ initiative.

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