Refugee Action

Refugee Action

Grant: £148,638
November 10, 2015

The Project will empower people claiming asylum in North West England to engage meaningfully with the asylum process by providing them with legal literacy on the UK asylum system.

Highly skilled volunteer Asylum Guides, located in organisations trusted by the client group, will provide people seeking asylum with a legal literacy programme. They will meet their clients in person at key stages in their journey through the asylum process to understand and prepare for their interactions with the Home Office – from arrival until their case is concluded.

Exhausted by the asylum seeking experience, and ill-prepared to navigate the process alone, this staged, relational legal literacy approach will engage this population to feel more engaged with their claim and have a better understanding of what is happening at each stage of the process. Moreover, the Solihull Early Advice Pilot showed, they are more likely to accept the outcome of their asylum claim if they have had the process explained to them and are able to participate in the decision making with the support of a trained advisor.

Asylum Guides will be trained using digital educational tools thus ensuring that this is an accessible, scalable public law educational model.

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