Personal Support Unit

Personal Support Unit

Grant: £50,000
November 10, 2015

The aim is to better serve LIPs by further investing in PSU’s legal education support and knowledge management systems, while fully establishing dynamic IT systems to support its rapidly expanding service.

Project plans to,

  1. Equip volunteers to provide the best possible help to LIPs, improving each LIPs’ understanding of the law and the capability to use it, by increasing volunteers’:
    • understanding of legal process
    • knowledge of online information resources and how to access them when working with LIPs
    • time available to support LIPs, due to streamlined administrative processes
  2. Prepare to respond to changes in LIP need resulting from online reform of the courts

The project will achieve these aims by:

  1. Maximising the value of TLEF 2014 grant and the PSU’s Office365 intranet by implementing online, automated statistical and volunteer rota systems, and increasing use of LIP online resources through new hardware
  2. Providing additional staffing needed to implement new technology
  3. Developing online training for PSU volunteers and LIPs
  4. Responding to legal and technological changes by
    • improving PSU online accessibility for LIPs
    • commissioning research into implications of digital reform for LIPs and the PSU

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