Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law

Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law

Grant: £50,128
July 6, 2016

This grant will fund the secretariat of The APPG on the Rule of Law which is a cross‐party group that aims to promote parliamentary and public discussion of the rule of law as a practical concept.

The key outputs of this project will be 4-5 dedicated meetings per year supported by the secretariat at which members hear from expert speakers and discuss rule of law questions concerning topical issues. When appropriate, the APPG on the Rule of Law will also partner with other APPGs to host joint meetings. The Centre will produce pre-meeting briefings, post-meeting reports, and regular APPG bulletins containing rule of law news and material for current awareness issues. Furthermore, the Centre will continue building relationships and networks amongst law-related APPGs in order to strengthen the rule of law culture in Parliament.

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