Pascoe Pleasence Limited

Pascoe Pleasence Limited

Grant: £15,000
June 22, 2016

This is for additional analysis of data being collected as part of the ongoing TLEF funded ‘Development of Standardised Inventories of Legal Capability’ project. That project involves the conduct of two national probability surveys, data from which is being used to develop standardised measures of legal confidence and (separately) attitude to law, production of guidance for using the measures and production of ‘baseline’ legal confidence and attitude estimates.

This new ‘extension’ proposal looks to harness additional opportunities presented by the second survey of the current project. Specifically, it is proposed that the hitherto separately conceived legal confidence and attitudes to law data captured by the second survey be brought together, along with a small amount of additional data relating to legal capability (to be added at the conclusion of the second survey design phase), to form the basis of a much broader based statistical analysis of drivers of, and links between, legal confidence, attitudes to law, wider legal capability, and broader demographic factors (similar in form to that set out in the “How People Understand and Interact with the Law” report (published on TLEF’s website).

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