Legal Aid Practitioners Group (LAPG)

Legal Aid Practitioners Group (LAPG)

Grant: £53,596
July 6, 2016

This grant will fund the secretariat of The APPG on Legal Aid which is a cross‐party group that aims to promote parliamentary and public discussion of legal aid.

The project will have two primary purposes:

  1. To maintain the work of the APPG in providing a forum for the discussion and scrutiny of legal aid issues in Parliament. This will raise the profile of legal aid within Parliament by:
    • Maintaining the current cycle of regular APPG meetings and producing and disseminating minutes, briefings and reports from those meetings.
    • Maintaining and improving the APPG website.
  2. To extend the reach of the APPG by providing LAPG with the capacity to improve understanding of the legal aid system and the availability of legal aid to MPs and Councillors across England and Wales. This will improve public understanding of and access to legal aid by:
    1. Engaging directly with MPs and Councillors and, crucially, their support and casework staff, to ensure they understand
      • what types of legal problems are covered by legal aid,
      • who qualifies for legal aid and
      • how members of the public access the system including e.g. financial evidence needed at the first interview.
    2. Keeping MPs, Councillors and their support staff aware of important developments in legal aid where those developments affect the issues outlined in (a) above.

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