Advising London

Advising London

Grant: £18,194
June 22, 2016

Creation of a digital solution to accelerate resolution of client queries which are relatively straight-forward to enable resources to be focused on more complex cases.

The idea is to help more of the people served to understand, articulate and categorise their own legal advice needs so that the organisation can be more focused and efficient with its advice, education and support services. This project will approach the challenge from first principles – looking at the client journey from first contact to a resolution of their problem and the efficiency of the processes that is currently employed along the way. The intention is to seek ways in which digital solutions can accelerate the journey without compromising the client’s experience and the quality of support given to them.

Analysis by the organisation suggests that the triage process holds the greatest potential for a digital solution to resolve more of clients’ relatively straight-forward queries so that focus can be given to face-to-face time on people with multiple, complex and urgent legal advice needs.

The aim is to implement this solution in boroughs across London on a fee-earning basis and to add value to bids for advice contracts in order to pay for on-going development.

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