Your Employment Settlement Service (YESS)

Your Employment Settlement Service (YESS)

Grant: £20,000
November 9, 2016

This project is to establishment an interactive guided pathway website for employees and employers, providing a one-stop-shop workplace ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Service (called Route to Resolution – R2R). The employee /employer will provide information (through separate portals) in response to key questions. Accessible information will be provided about employment law and definitions to help the user answer questions and understand their position.

Help will be available (if necessary) for inputting information. The details provided will enable a lawyer to advise the user more efficiently about their rights and obligations. The website will include legal, practical and strategic information about how best to negotiate in a variety of situations, based on YESS’s experience. This should enable some users to negotiate themselves with minimal or no input from a lawyer.

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