Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

Grant: £15,000
November 9, 2016

Individuals admitted to hospital with a mental illness, informally or detained, are often unaware of their human rights and rights under mental health law. An infographic patients’ rights care pathway for adult acute psychiatric care is being developed. A report evaluating this and highlighting good practice using the pathway will be published. This will support staff to recognise critical points to ensure patients are informed about and afforded specific rights.

Consultation involving service users, carers and staff has provided a wealth of information to help formulate a pathway identifying key rights from admission to discharge.

This funding is to produce short videos to promote systems and behavioural change in acute wards. The videos will be widely available via the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland website and partner organisations. Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland will also promote their use direct to staff during their regular visits to acute wards across Scotland.

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