Disability Rights UK

Disability Rights UK

Grant: £98,000
November 9, 2016

This project will create an innovative interactive guide to increase disabled people’s understanding of their legal rights. It will combine new technology with best evidence on framing rights-based messages and support disabled people to see where the barrier they are facing has a legal solution.

This resource will consist of four main elements:

  • The Right to Participate – introductory video presentation showing and describing disabled people’s rights across three dimensions of participation; Out-and-About, Employment and Education
  • Take Action – guided pathways illustrating a range of possible ‘early intervention’ solutions and taking disabled people through the steps required to use the law, mount challenges and effect change.
  • Forum – where disabled people can share experiences.
  • Find Out More – further resources, links to our own factsheets, helplines, blogs, news updates and other sources of support

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