Grant: £100,000
November 9, 2016

This project is to undertake legal mapping and research to produce a strong, non-partisan analysis of the legal implications of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, specifically from a human rights and equality perspective. The audience will be NGOs and charities in the rights and social welfare fields, Government bodies, the legal community, policy-makers and parliamentarians, and grassroots advice services.

There are swathes of legislation concerning human rights issues that will be affected either because the laws are reliant on the EC Act 1972, are contained in EU law with direct effect or because domestic law has been brought about as a result of EU requirements. The scope of this project will cover crucial rights including (but not limited to) equality, maternity rights, data protection, immigration, asylum, trade union protection, victims’ rights, freedom of movement and trafficking.

A docket of research documents around specific legal issues will be produced which will be shared with relevant organisations, as well as providing advice and information to the public and grassroots advice services.

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