Maternity Action

Maternity Action

Grant: £57,450
November 9, 2016

The project will develop ‘just in time’ information for pregnant women on maternity rights at work, to be delivered through pregnancy-related apps and email notification services. Written and video materials suitable for inclusion in the Baby Buddy app and written materials suitable for inclusion in Public Health England’s Start4Life email notification service will be produced. Partnerships with other apps and email services will also be explored.

Pregnancy discrimination is widespread and increasing. Government research found that 11% of pregnant women lose their jobs because of discrimination. Only 3% of these women pursue a grievance and fewer than 1% take their claim to the employment tribunal. Lack of knowledge about rights is a factor in women choosing not to take action.

The resources will be informed by Maternity Action’s 2016 report, "Use of apps to deliver maternity rights information: scoping report", which includes a literature review and data from focus groups and stakeholder interviews. The resources will be piloted prior to release. The resources will be fully evaluated and learning will inform future projects to build legal capability. Maternity Action is well-positioned to undertake video work as they are currently completing three videos on pregnancy discrimination, focusing on sickness and health and safety.

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