The Baring Foundation

The Baring Foundation

Grant: £200,000
October 5, 2016

This project is to support the Strengthening the Voluntary Sector (STVS) awards programme. The focus chosen for the new five-year programme is building on a belief that better use of the law presents opportunities for parts of the voluntary sector to enhance their ability to pursue their charitable purpose. In turn, better use of the law by the voluntary sector will help to amplify the law’s everyday relevance by situating it within a wider framework advocacy and social change. It also offers opportunities to unlock new sources of financial and other support for legal-related activity and to widen ownership and defence of the law.

Outside the legal voluntary sector, engagement by voluntary organisations in the law is mixed. The law has not assumed a central place in the thinking of voluntary organisations otherwise involved in individual advocacy or the pursuit of wider change. Strategic engagement and collaboration between the legal and voluntary sectors is also rare.

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