Law Centres Network

Law Centres Network

Grant: £26,385
June 21, 2017

The project will provide high quality tailored training to enhance the skills and practice of Law Centre staff to ensure an expert free legal service is available to vulnerable people in areas of social welfare law that affect their daily lives. To achieve this, the project will continue to upgrade and further the knowledge and skills of Law Centres solicitors and legal caseworkers especially in new and emerging areas of law, but will also seek, by training managers and trustees to advance good practice models, new ways of working and alternative income streams for Law Centres so that they can improve their sustainability and so continue to ensure that legal needs are met.

The implications of leaving the European Union will have a significant impact on the vulnerable clients of Law Centres. Clients and voluntary sector colleagues are looking to Law Centres to provide leadership on this issue in their local communities.

To meet this demand this project will equip them with knowledge and skills by working with Law Centre specialists in considering the effects of the Great Repeal Bill and the transposing of European law into domestic law and engaging with the Government and parliamentary law makers.

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