Scottish Refugee Council

Scottish Refugee Council

Grant: £45,000
June 21, 2017

Brexit presents a challenge to rights in the UK including refugee rights. Brexit could reduce the sources and safeguards of rights for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. The process may not enable proper scrutiny by devolved parliaments and governments in the UK to guarantee rights in matters in their competence. And, Brexit creates democratic instability for devolved institutions and uncertainty and risk around the maintenance of rights.

However, Brexit is also a catalyst and opportunity for civic society to be proactive. And constitutionally and politically, Scotland is best placed to challenge any withdrawal of rights, mitigate them and progress them.

This project will aim to steer a clear path through all this. The project will produce a legal policy analysis report on refugee rights and core messages, tailored to different audiences included those affected, and shaped by an expert reference group. An advocacy strategy for the refugee and human rights sector will be developed and promoted. Overall the project will act as a model of intervention and challenge for civic society in other areas of human rights and social protections.

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