Free Representation Unit

Free Representation Unit

Grant: £50,000
June 21, 2017

The Unit will improve its digital provision, and transform its working practices, enabling it to fulfil its dual commitment to increase access to justice for those with unmet legal needs, and advance the practice skills, experience and knowledge of law students and professionals in the early stages of their careers. Our vision is “Streamlining and growing free representation and advocacy experience through seamless, intuitive and effective processes and systems, in secure, supported spaces.”

Using the “cloud” and associated digital tools, the Unit will make better use of its situation (i.e. increasing number of cases) and resources (i.e. staff, advice agencies and volunteers) to achieve the organisations objectives (which are coextensive with those of the Foundation).

The project will simplify and speed-up administrative processes for staff, improve accessibility and efficiency for volunteers and allow the creation of new educational and training content. Central to this is FRUweb – a network of simple, connected, secure, supported spaces where people, platforms and paper meet to enable clients, agencies, volunteers and staff, which provides interfaces and enables Hubs for each key stakeholder group.

This funding will support the project through a phased approach.

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