Amnesty International

Amnesty International

Grant: £104,504
July 5, 2017

This project will equip civil society organisations in Scotland with the requisite legal knowledge to actively engage with the political and legal process of the UK exiting the EU.

This joint venture between Human Rights Consortium Scotland (HRCS; a network of Scottish civil society organisations) and Scottish Universities Legal Network for Europe (SULNE) will deliver a programme of events, trainings, briefings, and information alerts tailored to the needs of civil society organisations in Scotland.

By bringing together the civil society contacts, networking, capacity building and collaborative approach of HRCS, with the legal and educational expertise of SULNE and its capacity for knowledge generation, this project will empower the Scottish third sector to engage with the process of the “Great Repeal Bill” at Westminster and in Scotland and the wider Brexit discussions. The advice generated will be politically neutral and unbiased.

The project will:

  • identify legal educational needs with regard to Brexit;
  • raise awareness of key legal issues without which civil society organisations would find it difficult to have their voice heard in this process;
  • provide training;
  • produce accessible information; and
  • provide expert support for civil society organisations wishing to engage in the Brexit process.

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