Refugee Action

Refugee Action

Grant: £80,000
June 21, 2017

The Frontline Immigration Advice Project is significantly improving access to quality, publicly-available OISC-accredited immigration advice for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants who have complex immigration issues. It is the first nationally-delivered project to do this, with a specific and dedicated focus on organisational capacity-building to secure OISC registration; improved advice coordination; and the sharing and adoption of best practice. The acute scarcity of this advice means thousands of vulnerable people are unable to attain justice, safety and dignity (Clayton, Models of Immigration Advice, 2015).

The project is empowering frontline support organisations in key sectors to increase the delivery of quality, sustainable immigration advice through an innovative capacity building programme, involving training, coaching, case-sharing, organisational development, and regional coordination. All geographical areas where there is asylum dispersal and migrant communities have been reached, engaging 86 individual organisations nationally to date. Year 2 and 3 will deliver tailored training packages and capacity building support to provide more routes to acquiring immigration advice registration, extend organisational support to offer an e-learning platform and strengthen regional immigration advice coordination.

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