Public Law Project

Public Law Project

Grant: £60,000
June 21, 2017

Funding to support and enable PLP to engage constructively and effectively with imminent parliamentary law-making and law reform processes arising from Brexit (including, but not limited to, the Great Repeal Act (GRA)).

Whilst some funds may be used to support existing posts so as to create additional capacity within PLP to work on Brexit issues (particularly those of PLP’s lead lawyers) the substantial majority will be utilised to retain a consultant to provide PLP with immediate and ringfenced capacity to devote to the proactive development of its work programme relating to Brexit.

The work will facilitate PLP to:

  • Engage with other civil society groups to develop working partnerships and contribute to a shared policy agenda;
  • Inform the debate through the publication of briefing and/or information notes targeted to specific audiences;
  • Build internal capacity and understanding through an internal training programme; and
  • Gather expertise and intelligence to specifically inform PLP’s own casework strategy.

This is part of a wider programme of work through which PLP intends to achieve its overall objective to promote and preserve the Rule of Law.

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