Youth Access

Youth Access

Grant: £193,413
July 5, 2017

MORR is a pioneering major national programme designed to inspire disadvantaged young people’s participation in public legal education and PLE-related social action activities to increase their own and others’ legal capability.

MORR will foster opportunities for young people (aged 15-24) to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to engage in civic society as informed and responsible citizens; supporting them to become forces for change by giving them a voice to shape a society in which the law is seen by them and others as a tool for tackling everyday problems. MORR’s vision includes a cultural shift so that public services and the wider community see the value of young people understanding their legal rights.

Working in partnership with a network of carefully selected front-line legal and youth agencies across England, Youth Access will lead the development and implementation of this unique and innovative national project. MORR will harness an unrivalled breadth of expertise from across the youth and legal sectors coupled with reach to young people across a wide number of communities.

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