Legal Advice Centre (University House)

Legal Advice Centre (University House)

Grant: £80,020
October 3, 2017

This Legal Expenses Insurance project is now entering its third year. In the previous two years work has been undertaken to scale up the sector’s knowledge of how to engage with LEI and to undertake LEI casework. Engagement with key stakeholders was sought, to get them to understand the potential of LEI as a key part of the Access to Justice agenda.

This funding will allow this work to continue for two further years at a local and national level.

An LEI toolkit will be produced, for independent advice centres and other bodies to help them engage with LEI. Part of this work will include working with LexisNexis in order to develop an online LEI checker tool, which can also be used during advice triage. The ‘checker’ will be similar to the existing online Legal Aid eligibility tool, and will assist users and advisers to determine whether someone potentially has LEI.

Work will continue with key stakeholders to directly engage with the insurance and finance sectors. Both the coverage and scope of LEI will be developed, in order to provide a universal umbrella of LEI support.

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