Grant: £80,092
November 13, 2017

Liberty will undertake research, monitor actions of public officials, and produce expert publications targeted to audiences to provide robust and accurate information about the human rights implications of Brexit.

These publications will include:

  • briefings to parliamentarians and policymakers who are struggling to grasp wide-ranging and complex issues;
  • white papers intended for an expert audience grappling with the nuances of law and policy; and
  • accessible public communications designed to ensure that facts are not overwhelmed by soundbites around Brexit.

These publications will focus on:

  • the risk human rights protections will be rolled back and democratic scrutiny undermined in the process of incorporating European Union (EU) law after Brexit;
  • the risk human rights protections will be eroded in the process of direct negotiations between the UK and the EU over international agreements implicating justice, security, data protection, immigration and asylum.

The project leverages Liberty’s expertise, supporting the work of other organisations working toward similar goals to educate parliamentarians and policymakers through briefings and media advocacy. Liberty will collaborate closely with AIUK and the Public Law Project (PLP), play an active role in the “Repeal Bill Alliance” hosted by Unlock Democracy, and participate in the forthcoming Bingham Centre Expert Working Group.

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