Advice Services Alliance

Advice Services Alliance

Grant: £17,468
November 13, 2017

The Advice Quality Standards (AQS) is fully owned by the Advice Services Alliance and is currently held by just under 700 separate social welfare legal advice services. The AQS includes a requirement for advice services to undertake independent file reviews of the work undertaken. Whilst all organisations see the benefit of independent review, it is often very difficult on a practical level to achieve, particularly for small advice centres.

Based on the ASA experience of establishing a peer review system with one member organisations, it is thought that an on-line peer review system might potentially provide a simpler and more effective mechanism for undertaking independent review which could additionally bring many other benefits (for example, development opportunities for case workers). In order to establish the parameters of such a project, a scoping study will be performed, to:

  1. Identify the potential market for such a platform amongst advice services providers in England and Wales and support amongst key stakeholders and clarify objectives
  2. Undertake a technical scoping exercise for such a platform, the current level of IT used and associated process re-engineering
  3. Assess the long term financial sustainability of the model.

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