Sisters for Change

Sisters for Change

Grant: £61,734
November 13, 2017

The Queen’s Speech in June 2017 announced a new Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill (DV&A Bill). It is critical that this legislation is inclusive, addressing the needs and realities of all women victims of domestic abuse in England, including BME victims and non-UK citizens, and remedies the weaknesses of the current legal and policy framework.

Through this project, Sisters For Change will:

  • Provide legal education and technical legal support to Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) Violence Against Women (VAW) service providers to enable them to participate in the legislative consultation process relating to the Bill.
  • Educate Parliamentarians and Government officials about the complexities of domestic abuse, with specific emphasis on BME women victims; the weaknesses of the current legal framework; and priorities for reform.
  • Advocate at the national and local level to influence the content of the DV&A Bill and ensure legislation that provides effective protection and support for all women victims.

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