Maternity Action

Maternity Action

Grant: £39,500
November 13, 2017

The project will deliver ‘just in time’ information for pregnant women on maternity rights at work through apps and other social media channels.

The project will:

  • engage with commercial apps targeting pregnant women and negotiate for inclusion of customised text and existing videos in the apps as free content, building on their experience of working with a non-commercial app provider;
  • develop and implement a plan to deliver maternity rights information using social media channels, including development of appropriate visual materials;
  • review and improve the navigation on their website to improve access to video and text materials, recognising the increased use of mobiles to access online information;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of these interventions to inform future projects to build legal capability.

Maternity Action is well-placed to undertake this work as they are currently completing a project to deliver ‘just in time’ information on maternity rights through the Baby Buddy app, which is provided by the charity Best Beginnings.

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