Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG)

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG)

Grant: £186,043
November 10, 2017

This project will develop a new, subscription-access digital services platform for advisers to navigate the social security system, which has seen the biggest change since its inception with the introduction of Universal Credit; assess clients’ entitlement to financial support, and challenge decisions, through delivery of:

  1. Expanded Ask CPAG content, providing tactical online support to advisers on problematic areas of social security law. It will develop professional tools such as wizards and a pro-forma letter tool to aid advisers. The automated production of letters to challenge decisions will be generated by evidence provided by the adviser, in combination with a legal framework that we will devise.
  2. The redevelopment of the online version of CPAG publications, specifically the Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook and supporting handbooks.
  3. The online publication of CPAG’s Welfare Rights Bulletin, which currently goes to over 1,700 organisations or individuals in its printed form.

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