New Philanthropy Capital

New Philanthropy Capital

Grant: £200,000
November 16, 2017

This is part of a pooled fund to help secure a fair process for EEA nationals to stay in UK in accordance with the law. The fund will work on two main issues: capacity of civil society to engage with policy on matters for EEA citizens, especially vulnerable groups; and provision of information for vulnerable groups about the process, potentially looking at technology solutions.

Initially, NPC will work with experts to develop a suitable strategy for the fund and the fund will be advised by a council of experts throughout. NPC will conduct due diligence on potential grantees and put forward the most relevant organisations. A committee of NPC staff with relevant expertise in grant-making and policy work will peer review and decide the grants with oversight from council of experts.

We expect the fund to open for grants for two years from Spring/Summer 2018. Gathering and disseminating knowledge to benefit the wider sector will be a key objective of the fund and NPC will monitor the funding and disseminate learning (through roundtables, events, blogs) for another year.

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