Intermediaries for Justice

Intermediaries for Justice

IfJ is the professional body for intermediaries who work in the justice system with police, judges and lawyers – in crown, magistrates and family courts in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Intermediaries fall into several, and often overlapping, categories according to their training and types of work which they undertake. But the factor common to us all is that they support two-way communication between personnel in the justice system and those who previously had often been considered incapable of giving clear and effective evidence.

The primary purpose of IfJ is to increase awareness and understanding of intermediary work; to promote its use with victims, witnesses and defendants who are vulnerable; to foster a shared intermediary identity and enhance our quality and practice; and to provide a link between intermediaries across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and even further afield.

At this time of significant change in the way the justice system enables vulnerable people to give evidence, IfJ is also committed to supporting Ministry of Justice, the National Crime Agency, the Advocacy Training Council and other interested bodies through the challenging evolutionary process.


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