Justice Lab UK

Justice Lab UK

Justice Lab is a new research and policy centre using data and evidence to tackle the most pressing problems facing the justice system.

Despite a distinguished history and global reputation, our justice system is years behind other public services in understanding and measuring performance and impact. As a result, changes to the system have often been underpinned more by anecdote than analysis.

By supporting research and the collection and use of high-quality data, Justice Lab seeks to elevate the voices of those who need the law most, and provide a robust evidence base to help to identify where problems exist, what causes them and crucially, how to fix them.

Justice Lab is supported by a multi-year, multi-million-pound programme of funding and was launched publicly in 2022.

What does Justice Lab do?

Data – We advise policy makers, judges and practitioners on data strategy and work directly with governments, funders, courts and community organisations to promote best practice in the collection, use and sharing of justice data.

Research – We undertake, commission and promote robust research into the most pressing issues facing the UK justice system.

Influence We use our research to inform and influence parliamentarians, practitioners, policy-makers and the wider public debate.

Collaboration – We are building an international community of practitioners, researchers, policy makers and advocates committed to using data and evidence to deliver a justice system that is fair, open and efficient for everyone.

Why are we doing this?

The Legal Education Foundation exists to bring about a society that fosters the principles of justice and fairness, where people understand and use law to bring about positive change and to prevent harm, and where public systems and structures uphold the rule of law. Better evidence is vital to enable us to understand how close we are to realising this vision, and to identify the most effective strategies and approaches to achieving our goals. More broadly, better evidence will help organisations in the sector to demonstrate their impact, and design effective interventions that improve people’s ability to understand and use the law.

Justice Lab UK

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