The Justice Lab UK

The Justice Lab UK

The Justice Lab UK is a bold new initiative which aims to bring about a cultural shift in the way in which research and evidence regarding the operation of the justice system is produced and used, by policymakers, legal professionals and organisations working the field. The Lab will pioneer work to improve the evidence base of what works in helping people to understand and use the law, and to strengthen organisations working in the field by helping them to use evidence to design interventions and invest in approaches that deliver maximum benefit for their clients. The Development Team is helping to identify what projects the Centre should focus on, how it will identify, generate and share evidence, and how the Centre will be managed and led to ensure that its activities lead to change.

What will The Justice Lab UK do?

The Justice Lab UK will focus on four areas of work, which aim to deliver the following four outcomes over the next ten years:

  1. Improve the quality and availability of justice system data
  2. Increase the volume of robust research into the justice system and pioneer the use of advanced quantitative methods in the study of justice system processes.
  3. Increase capacity in the research community to design and deliver innovative quantitative research
  4. Improve the uptake of robust evidence in the design and operation of the justice system

Why are we doing this?

The Legal Education Foundation exists to bring about a society that fosters the principles of justice and fairness, where people understand and use law to bring about positive change and to prevent harm, and where public systems and structures uphold the rule of law. Better evidence is vital to enable us to understand how close we are to realising this vision, and to identify the most effective strategies and approaches to achieving our goals. More broadly, better evidence will help organisations in the sector to demonstrate their impact, and design effective interventions that improve people’s ability to understand and use the law.

The Justice Lab UK

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