Fairer Systems

Fairer Systems

Transparency, accountability and the protection of rights

UK government institutions and the way public powers are exercised are evolving rapidly as a result of new technology and the constitutional changes brought about by leaving the EU. Change on this scale brings with it important questions about how people understand and use the law, and how key rule of law principles, such as transparency, accountability and fundamental rights, will be protected or enhanced by the reforms.

Our Fairer Systems programme focuses on two linked issues:

  1. Constitutional, administrative and public law implications of the UK’s revised constitutional settlement following Brexit and emergency provisions in place to respond to Covid-19. We are particularly interested in work to increase the understanding of these changes to help ensure transparency, accountability and the protection of rights.
  2. Automated decision-making by government – ensuring that government digital systems, processes and its use of data are clear, fair, and protect people’s legal rights. We are particularly interested in the use of technology in relation to welfare benefits and immigration processes.

What we will fund

We will fund a range of activities across these two areas of focus, including:

  1. Work to inform, advise, and support policymakers and decision-makers.
  2. Co-ordination and networking between practitioners and organisations, including across sectors, to share learning and to increase effectiveness.
  3. Building civil society organisations’ wider skills and knowledge in relation to our two areas of focus (above).

We are interested in the outcomes you would like to achieve and a broad pathway to getting there, so the grants we make under this programme are flexible. We encourage organisations to include a reasonable overhead contribution.

We welcome applications based on collaboration between organisations. We also recognise the valuable role of second-tier organisations (which provide support to other organisations, rather than to individuals) in developing co-ordinated, system-wide responses.

This programme builds on work funded under our previous strategy, so you may find it helpful to look at earlier grants we made here.

Work with policy-makers needs to operate within the Charity Commission guidance on campaigning and political activity by charities.

If you would like to apply for a grant, please use the buttons below to read about how we prioritise applications, what we will not fund, and the application process.

The Foundation’s direct work

As well as grant funding, we support grantees by offering advice on policy and strategy, and by convening meetings and conferences.

In addition, this programme is delivered through the Foundation’s own work including:

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