Logo and Communications

Logo and Communications

We would be grateful for an acknowledgement of the funding in any communications you produce about the work which The Legal Education Foundation is directly supporting, and acknowledged appropriately elsewhere, for example in annual reports or brochures or if you have a funders page on your website.

Announcing the Funding

Please do not publicly announce or publicise the funding until you have formally accepted and signed the Grant Agreement.

We announce what we fund on our website and the funding will also be listed in our Annual Report. We may also mention our support for your organisation in our publicity material.

Press Releases

If you would like to acknowledge our funding in a press release or any other type of media coverage we would ask that you send a copy to us at info@thelef.org for our records.


You may use our logos (TLEF and JFF) appropriately in communications about work we are directly supporting.

For Printed Material

The logos in EPS format are suitable for printed materials as they can be increased to any size. When downloading them please check you are saving them with the correct file type, some browsers will save them as a PostScript (.ps) document by default.

For Locally Produced Documents

The logos in JPEG format are for use on something you are producing yourself in a desktop application (Microsoft Office application or similar). Do not enlarge them as the image will distort.

For Use on a Website

The logos in PNG format are for use on a website.

Linking to our website

We are happy for you to link to our website from your own site or from documents you produce. When doing so, we ask that you use the secure protocol link and the ‘www.’ prefix, i.e “https://thelegaleducationfoundation.org” not “https://thelegaleducationfoundation.org”, “https://thelegaleducationfoundation.org” or “https://thelegaleducationfoundation.org”.

All these will link to the same page, our front page, but the preferred version is more efficient (it doesn’t involve any redirects).

Additionally, we ask that you take care when linking to a news item on our site. Linking to “https://thelegaleducationfoundation.org/news” will create a link to our latest news article – this will change over time! Unless this is required behaviour (you really want to link to our latest news item, whatever that is at the time the link is followed, not created), then you should link to the specific news article required.

Links to specific news articles will be of the form, “https://thelegaleducationfoundation.org/articles/<news article title>”. The actual link can be found by viewing the URL when you select the individual news article; either from our front page, the menu on the Latest News page, a news archive page or a search results page.

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