Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply as an individual?

No, the Foundation does not provide funding or bursaries for individuals.

When can I apply?

We run two grants rounds each year, in Spring and Autumn. The online application form is available throughout most of the year, but applications are assessed and awarded within these two windows each year. For details of the next deadline for applications, see our timetable.

How much can we apply for?

Please apply for the amount you need to deliver the proposed work effectively. The average grant size is £164,000. Grants have ranged from £20,000 (single year) to over £500,000 (over three years).

Can I apply for a grant for multiple years? If so, how many can I apply for?

Yes, the Foundation does fund projects over multiple years, up to three years. You will be asked for the duration of your project when completing the application form. Please apply for the length of time you need to deliver the proposed work.

I’m having trouble entering text into the online form, what can I do?

Sometimes data can be lost before you have saved your answers. We advise you to prepare your content beforehand, using an offline plain text editor, like Notepad (for Windows) or TextEdit (for Mac). These editors allow you to check the character count. Microsoft Word can lead to issues where the text will not fit into the box even when the character count is correct.

Can we post, fax or email you our funding proposal?

We only accept applications submitted via our online process. However, if you are having difficulty submitting the online form, please get in touch with us using our Contact Form and we can help you

What happens after we submit our first-stage application?

You will receive an automatic acknowledgement by e-mail when you have submitted your first stage on-line application.

It is then passed to a member of our grants team for assessment.

Our grants team then meet and discuss all of the applications received and decide which ones have the closest fit with our funding programmes and priorities (see How we Prioritise Applications). We’ll let you know whether we are inviting you to submit a second-stage application within four weeks of the closing date.

What kind of information will you need at second stage?

If you are invited to apply to the second stage, we will ask you more about:

  • Your organisation including about your Board and staff; planned income and expenditure in the current financial year; and your approach to quality control.
  • What you would like TLEF funding for, including about the problem you are trying to solve, further detail on your planned approach, what difference you hope to make and how you would learn from your work.

Second stage applications are decided by our Grants Committee, made up of members from our Board of Trustees.

I already have a grant from TLEF. Can I apply for another?

Yes, we can make multiple grants to one organisation. If you would like to apply for additional funding, please ask advice from your Grants Manager in the first instance.

Our current funding is coming to an end. Can we apply for continuation funding?

Yes. If you would like to apply for continuation funding, please ask advice from your Grants Manager. Please note, the application process will usually be the same for continuation funding so it may take up to 5 months from deadline to decision.

Do you provide feedback on why our application was rejected?

Yes we do. We recognise how much work goes into applying for funding, and if your application is rejected, the email will include the main reason(s) we were unable to support your work. You may also phone us for further feedback.

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