The Grant Offer

The Grant Offer

If TLEF offers you a grant, we will draw up a Grant Agreement which will include the planned start and end date for the work we are funding. As part of this, we also ask you to confirm a schedule for payment which reflects when you will incur the costs. We ask that you sign and return the Grant Agreement within 3 months of our grant offer.

Once you’ve signed and returned your Grant Agreement, your Grants Manager will be in touch. We are keen to build a relationship with grantees so that you feel able to be open with us and we are able to offer additional support if it’s needed.

We realise that not everything goes to plan and the work we are supporting may need to change or may take longer than expected. This is not a problem but please talk to your grant manager (see Reporting on a Grant) about it.

Find out more about payments and reporting at Reporting on a Grant.

We look forward to working with you.

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