Our Power, Culture and Inclusion work

Our Power, Culture and Inclusion work

Although the Legal Education Foundation has always been committed to upholding justice, since 2021 we have been thinking more deeply internally about how we can prevent harms from oppressive systems.  

We are calling this area of work ‘Power, Culture and Inclusion’ which reflects the transformation we are going through in our learning, behaviour and attitudes; and our commitment to rebalancing and shifting power to confront injustice. 

We are putting dedicated time and capacity into this work with Power, Culture and Inclusion lead Sheena Khanna on our staff team. A key step in our journey is working with consultants to support our learning and advise us. We have engaged the services of Raggi Kotak and Tatiana Garavito of JEDI consultancy who are experts in the field of racial justice and anti-oppression. They have started working with the LEF staff and trustees on training and development. 

This is long-term work that cuts across the whole organisation. We will be communicating updates and are open to having conversations about our learning in this field, if you would like to get in touch please email sheena.khanna@thelef.org or your Grant Manager. 

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