NEW PUBLICATION: The Online Court: Will IT work?

NEW PUBLICATION: The Online Court: Will IT work?

The Legal Education Foundation has published an influential report by leading legal journalist Joshua Rozenberg QC. The report provides a commentary on the origins and progress of the programme of court reform currently underway in England and Wales.

The report will be updated as developments take place. It provides valuable context and insight for anyone who wishes to understand and engage with the issues raised by the reform programme. The Foundation hopes that the report will be read by prospective grantees who are considering submitting applications to our open programme.

Foundation Chief Executive Matthew Smerdon commented: "We are delighted to be able to host this significant piece of work by one of the UK’s most highly regarded legal commentators. We saw it as important that a platform be provided for this independent commentary on the reforms. It represents an essential contribution to debates around the reform programme."

The report is now available to access for free via our "Research and Learning" homepage.

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