Children’s Law Centre (CLC)

Children’s Law Centre (CLC)

Grant: £74,320
November 14, 2018

CLC, have developed a prototype digital solution to address the unmet legal needs of children – a non-linear Chatbot built through Google’s DialogFlow using natural language programming to provide accessible legal information to young people in response to basic legal queries.

The Prototype, focusing on 3 areas of law – Employment, Homelessness, FAQs on At What Age Can I.

Over 12 months the Project will develop the Chatbot to:

  • Add additional areas of law
  • Further develop/ refine the technology, functionality and natural language capacity through increasing the range of channels e.g. Skype and You Tube
  • Have a low key “launch” enabling wider market testing
  • Plan full launch in early 2020
  • Undertake further business planning and fundraising to enable scaling of the project

The long-term vision is to add a “Live Chat” function supported by volunteer lawyers/legal students to provide advice “out of hours”.

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