Law Centre NI

Law Centre NI

Law Centre (NI) works to promote social justice in Northern Ireland, using the law as a tool for social change. Since 1977, Law Centre NI has delivered free and independent legal services in social welfare law areas. Law Centre’s services are available to the public and also to advisers, with a special focus on specialist support services to the advice sector across Northern Ireland.

Law Centre works to achieve social justice through legal advice, casework and representation before the tribunals and courts. We work across the industrial, immigration and social security tribunals, before the Social Security Commissioner and the higher courts. We have a particular focus on strategic litigation that brings about broader social change and through our research and policy advocacy, we work to secure progressive change to law, policy and practice.

Our service focuses on

  • Social security law
  • Employment law
  • Health & social care law (community care)
  • Immigration & asylum law

We take referrals from members and others and support the advice sector across Northern Ireland through training, legal information and through casework and representation
Through our public legal education strategy, we aim to ensure the public have the information and support they need to access and enjoy their legal rights in social welfare law.


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