Just for Kids Law

Just for Kids Law

Grant: £30,000
January 18, 2019

YJLC provides:

  • Policy and lobbying work to ensure youth justice becomes a legal specialism and to safeguard children’s rights in youth justice;
  • A dedicated website (www.yjlc.uk) with comprehensive information, legal resources and best practice guides for lawyers, judges, magistrates, youth offending teams, professionals, children and families;
  • A favourable environment to nurture a community of lawyers and other professionals working in youth justice;
  • Training on youth justice issues for lawyers and non-legal professionals working with children;
  • Specialist legal advice line for children, youth offending team, the judiciary and lawyers. YJLC aims to:
    • Promote higher standards in youth justice advocacy;
    • Improve awareness of children’s rights in the youth justice system;

Ensure youth justice is recognised as a specialist
area of law by establishing an accreditation scheme and all professionals have access to high quality training.

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